Specialised Mining Supplies
Jojen Supplies provides products to optimally fit the requirements for electrical protection in South African mines and other industry.

When an optimal solution is not readily available a product will be developed and supplied to serve the application.
This will make the installation more effective and achieves this economically.

With all-static electronics technology working on 110 - 550V Jojen Supplies can cater for the rough environment underground in South Africa where also strict safety requirements apply.

ERM: Evolving from a NERM (Neutral Earthing Resistor Monitor) comes this protection Relay which integrates Earth fault current monitoring

ERCM multifunction Relay  


ECM: A cable monitor which sends an alert in the case of cable theft
is an increasing need these days.

Our SMS communicator (celtifier) also connects to the ERM or EWM.



  Last update: May 2014 

To cater for special requirements in the electrical protection field by providing custom designed products.

John at Jojen Supplies

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